Check out these 4 questions that your online chat customers are sure to ask! Be prepared on how to respond and set the appointment to get your customers to the dealership.

  1. Is it available?
    • This is where it becomes important for your website to be up-to-date. Get straight to the point and answer the question then ask when the customer would like to come take a look at the vehicle. If the specified vehicle is no longer available, let the customer know that you surely have something on your lot that they will be interested in and ask them to come take a look.
  2. Does it have __________?
    • Does it have a sunroof? Does it have navigation? Does it have leather seats? Does it have 4-wheel-drive? This can get tricky because you don’t know if they are asking because they are looking for a vehicle with this feature or if they would prefer the vehicle not have this feature. Answer the question and ask the customer when they would like to come take a look at the vehicle.
  3. What’s the price?
    • For a potential customer, often price is one of the most important factors of purchasing a vehicle. When the shopper asks this question online, simply answer with the price, and once again, ask “when would you like to come see it?”
  4. What’s my rate and/or payment?
    • This may be the most significant question a shopper will ask because they are often payment driven. For example, you can reply “Great question! We work closely with several banks and always strive for the best payment/rate then let you decide which lender you would like to work with. However we need to make sure this is the right vehicle for you first, what time would be a good time for you to take a quick test drive today?”

Now that you are etop4quipped with the right responses to the questions your potential customers will ask, go and engage your online visitors and start turning them into customers. For more information on how to engage your online visitors, give us a call!