blog2Leads can come from many different avenues, from walk-ins to phone calls and online. Here are a few ways your dealership can increase the number of leads you get each month online and from  your website!

  1. CRAIGSLIST. Use Craigslist to help advertise your pre-owned vehicle inventory. Many people interested in purchasing a used car use Craigslist as a way to search. By generating attractive and accessible ads on Craigslist, Craigslist ConneXion can help you easily and effectively utilize the site while optimizing your pre-owned inventory.
  2. SOCIAL MEDIA. Maintaining an interesting and active presence on social media will help you become recognizable topotential customers. Many car shoppers are on Facebook and other social networking sites, and they are using the web to gather information before making a purchase. Make sure you are visible to your target market.
  3. WEBSITE. It is crucial to have an interactive and engaging website that provides current inventory and valuable information to visitors. Make sure your website is attractive, clean and concise, while providing the visitor with enough information about what your dealership has to offer them. Engage visitors with Chat ConneXion and allow them to interact with you immediately and ask you questions. This engagement will help you get them to the dealership and eventually buy!

Client ConneXion specializes in turning your visitors into customers. Contact us for more information on Craigslist ConneXion and Chat ConneXion and how we can help increase your online leads!