facebook11.4Mobile devices are huge resources today! Many people use mobile devices, whether it’s a phone or tablet, to search online when shopping for a new car.

Studies have shown that over 80% of people do online research before making a purchase. People using a mobile device to do research before making a large purchase are impatient and are looking for quick and easy answers to their questions. Nearly 50% of buyers spend 1 to 3 months shopping and researching before making a purchase.

It is crucial for your dealership to be found and reached by these mobile shoppers during their research time period. The earlier you get involved in a shopper’s buying process, the more opportunity you have to create and develop a relationship with them. At Client ConneXion our dealership solutions are designed to help you attract, engage and convert shoppers into buyers. Give us a call today to determine how our dealership solutions can benefit your dealership and help you reach mobile shoppers!