facebook11.17That’s .05 seconds, not 5 seconds. That is 1/20th of a second and is not much time at all. This is the amount of time you get to make a first impression when a visitor reaches your website.

Of course the appearance and design of your website is extremely important when making a first impression to visitors. It’s important that your site is engaging and easy to use and provides accurate and desirable information. One tool that will help you engage online visitors is Chat ConneXion.

Chat ConneXion is our online chat software that allows you to engage online visitors 24/7 even when your car lot is closed. With Chat ConneXion, you can immediately interact with visitors on your website and answer any questions they may have. You can prompt them with questions and find out information about them that will help you get them to the dealership.

To learn more about Chat ConneXion and how it can be beneficial to your dealership, call us today!