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Monthly Archives: November 2015

You get .05 seconds to make an impression.

That’s .05 seconds, not 5 seconds. That is 1/20th of a second and is not much time at all. This is the amount of time you get to make a first impression when a visitor reaches your website.

Of course the appearance and design of your website is extremely important when making a first impression […]

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Convert more visitors into customers!

At Client ConneXion we specialize in the conversion stage! The stages of the sales process can be tricky and we have worked to make the process quicker and easier. By developing dealership solutions that help you take visitors and convert them to customers, your sales representatives can have more free to make more sales.

Engage […]

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Generate more leads with Chat ConneXion.

Is your dealership looking for ways to generate more leads? More leads means more sales! At Client ConneXion we have developed dealership solutions like Chat ConneXion that are guaranteed to help your dealership generate more leads!

SEO/SEM ConneXion is a solution that will help more potential customers find you online. Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine […]

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Connect with online visitors.

Today, consumers shop for a car much like the way they shop for a TV, refrigerator or anything that requires a certain amount of consideration. That’s because the Internet, mobile technology and social media have made the same set of tools available to help educate consumers regardless of the product they’re buying. Today’s buyers […]

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Engage Virtual Lot Visitors

Your virtual lot visitors are just as important as those that visit your actual lot. With Chat ConneXion, you can engage virtual visitors on your website 24/7, while you’re asleep, when the dealership is closed, on weekends and holidays. Client ConneXion gives you the capability to designate a sales representative to greet your website […]

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Convert more Visitors into Customers with Client ConneXion.

How many people are making it all the way through your sales funnel? At Client ConneXion we have developed dealership solutions that widen your funnel so that more people are making it to the final stage.

With SEO/SEM ConneXion, an increase in web traffic and the number of visitors to your website will increase the […]

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Help potential customers find you.

Being found online should be the first step in your digital marketing strategy. If potential customers cannot find you, they won’t access your website and you will miss the chance to get them to your car lot and convert them to a buyer. So how do you go about helping potential customers find you […]

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Increase customer retention with Client ConneXion.

Customer retention defined as the activity that a selling organization undertakes in order to reduce customer defections. Successful customer retention starts with the first contact an organization has with a customer and continues throughout the entire lifetime of a relationship. Customer retention is crucial to sustain and grow a business. In the car […]

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