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Monthly Archives: February 2016

Convert visitors into customers faster than ever before!

Sometimes the sales process of moving people along from visitors to leads and leads to customers can be a long road. At Client ConneXion, we have developed a series of tools that are designed to work together to speed up this process and help your dealership turn more visitors into customers! Learn more below […]

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Increase Your Dealership’s Sales

Did you know that the majority of people who come to your dealership have already done their research online? In fact, most of those people used a smart phone to research the car they are interested and/or your dealership. They’ve searched online, found your dealership and checked out your virtual lot all before showing […]

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Get more leads online with Client ConneXion.

In the car business, more leads mean more sales! Today, online leads should make up a large portion of your overall leads that eventually convert into sales. Let us help you get more leads online! Your website and virtual lot are tools that should constantly be generating a funnel of leads for your dealership.

With […]

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How to Generate Leads With Client ConneXion

Lead generation is the key to more sales! This is especially true in the car business. Today, the internet and your website are great tools to generate leads. With shoppers spending more time online researching cars and dealerships, you have the opportunity to capture leads before they visit your car lot. So, how do […]

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Generate More Sales With Client ConneXion

Every dealership strives to generate more sales than they did last month or last year. At Client ConneXion, we have dealership solutions that are design to do just that. We have developed solutions that help you work smarter so that your sales representatives have additional time to focus on additional sales. Our dealership solutions […]

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Engage visitors around the clock

We all know that your dealership is not open 24/7. It closes at night, on holidays and possibly on Sundays. That doesn’t mean that your virtual lot should be closed as well. Your website allows browsers to view your inventory around the clock. Your virtual lot should be open 24/7 with someone available to […]

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Turn Browsers Into Buyers

Does your dealership need help converting those website visitors into actual customers? At Client ConneXion, we are in the business of turning browsers into buyers. With the help of our dealership solutions, you can start turning more of those website browsers into actual buyers. Here are a few key dealership solutions that will help […]

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Let Client ConneXion Drive Up Your Sales

As a dealership, your goal is most likely to sell more cars than you did last month or last year. At Client ConneXion we know that it can be hard to put your time and efforts into selling more. That’s why we have developed several dealership solutions that are designed to ultimate drive up […]

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