4.11Although your actual dealership is not open 24/7 and is often closed on holidays, your virtual lot is open around the clock! Visitors can check out your inventory any time they like. Today, almost all car shoppers will visit your virtual lot before they make a trip to your actual dealership.

This is why your virtual lot is so important! It is crucial to make sure that your inventory and all information regarding your virtual lot is correct and up to date. When potential customers are visiting your website, it may be hard to tell when they will be ready to make an actual purchase. Do not ignore them! You should treat these visitors just as you would a visitor that comes to your actual car lot. By engaging your virtual lot visitors, you can begin the conversation and help them move along in the sales process.

Through Client ConneXion’s virtual chat solution, we can help you engage every website visitor as soon as they enter your virtual lot. Chat ConneXion prompts a conversation chat box to each visitor, no matter what time it is. Chat ConneXion works 24/7 to turn visitors into customers.

Call us today to learn more about Chat ConneXion and how we can help you take advantage of your virtual lot.