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Monthly Archives: July 2016

In Depth Profile: Chat ConneXion

With all that we have to offer, Client ConneXion wants to go a bit deeper into each of our facets. First up is a way to engage your website visitors: Chat ConneXion.

Customers who use the Internet as a research tool demand answers at the click of a mouse. If answers are not explicitly stated […]

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How the Internet Has Changed Your Dealership

The Internet – in all of its forms – has reshaped the way we interact with others, both personally and in the business realm. There are so many new and unique ways to connect with people, thanks to the tools of social media, email communication, and the utilization of streaming videos. Below are some […]

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Working “With” Versus Working “For”

Here at Client ConneXion, we provide dealerships with innovative solutions to their communication needs, essentially connecting dealerships with their customers in new and unique ways. Since we work alongside so many highly professional and successful companies, we want to share an idea: working with a dealership, rather than working for a dealership.

This idea – […]

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Increase Videos, Increase SEO Rankings

We live in an age where quick and visual information is the name of the game, and we – as auto dealerships – must adapt to that growing need for speed and visuals. According to research, videos are a great way to portray information quickly and efficiently while engaging viewers in a visual way. […]

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Drive your dealership’s sales to the sky.

In today’s car market, buyers are doing more and more research online before ever stepping foot onto a car lot. Connecting with online visitors is a crucial way to get online leads that turn into customers. With the help of Client ConneXion’s dealership solutions, your dealership will be able to connect with customers like […]

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Train your sales staff to be the best!

Sales training is not something you did, it is something you do and should continue to do. Ongoing sales training will help your sales staff grow their skills and techniques and learn the latest tools and scripts to connect better with customers to sell more cars.

With Client ConneXion, we not only offer dealership solutions […]

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How can your dealership vamp up lead generation?

As a dealership, we understand that your goal is to generate more leads and close more sales. That’s why we have developed a suite of dealership solutions to help you generate more leads that will turn into customers.

Check out these dealership solutions that are proven to vamp up lead generation for your dealership:


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It’s time to engage!

Engaging your website visitors is a proven way to obtain more customers and increase sales. The message you are sharing with your website visitors will determine what action they take next. Keep new and return visitors on your site and engage them to move them to the next step of the sales process. Let […]

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