Craigslist – a popular online platform to sell items from homes to animals – is an excellent way to expose the public to your dealership’s inventory. However, you may be curious how to properly utilize this platform to maximize sales without wasting your time. We’ve provided some facts below to help your dealership appropriately use Craigslist:

  • Most cars posted on Craigslist are used, not new.
  • You should spread out your inventory postings over the course of the week. Do not overwhelm potential customers by posting all of your inventory at once.
  • Put your dealership’s contact information and logo on the physical photo of the vehicle.
  • Include one vehicle per post, not multiple.

While the car buying process has typically existed within dealerships, consumers are now opting to cruise their options from the comfort of their homes. Online shopping has increased tremendously in recent years, proving that posting your inventory on Craigslist – a powerful online tool – will increase your sales. Client ConneXion can help you utilize Craigslist with our Craigslist ConneXion tool. To claim a trial offer, click on the Craigslist ConneXion Trial Offer at the top of our website or simply start a Chat below!