Nowadays, one of the only ways to get your brand into the minds of the public is through a little thing we like to call “being social.” And being social, these days, takes place on the Internet. Our Social ConneXion feature helps you with just that.

We can help you customize your dealership Facebook fan page, tweak your Twitter, create meaningful Facebook/Twitter content, and set up NING and blogging. The explosion of social media has made it quite difficult for a dealership to handle all of its social media accounts, so give us the reigns and let us help you maintain and manage a high-quality online reputation.

Additionally, social media is an easy platform for unsatisfied customers to let off steam. For example, if an event occurs while a particular client is in your dealership and they do not agree with it, they may take to social media to let the public know their feelings – whether those feelings are legitimate or not. Having an entity like Client ConneXion manage and maintain your social media platforms can help protect your dealership’s brand, as we serve as a type of firewall. If someone is dissatisfied with an experience and shares it through the Internet, we are there to help alleviate any tension and solve the problem within minutes.

Giving us the responsibility of maintaining your social media platforms can give you the freedom to put your time and effort toward other aspects of your dealership. Although an inexpensive way to brand your business, social media can be quite time consuming. With the help of Client ConneXion, you can turn your attention to other parts of your business while maintaining a positive online brand.

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