75% of people in the United States have a smart phone. When you’re standing in line waiting for coffee to sitting in the doctor’s waiting room, what do you do? Pull out your cell phone and check social media or do some browsing. The easiest way that your dealership can get in front of customers is to be mobile. Here are a few tips:

  1. Get Active With Social Media … Engage customers where they make buying decisions. When someone has a couple of minutes of spare time, they’re most likely surfing social media like Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. Develop a social presence and engage customers on a new level.
  2. Make Sure Your Website Is Mobile Friendly … Check to see if you website automatically readjusts its layout for the device that is being used to browse. This helps with navigation and to easily display information.
  3. Utilize Mobile ConneXion … Mobile ConneXion is our mobile version of Chat ConneXion. Today’s buyers are impatient. Online chat allows them to answer questions and get immediate answers from representatives at your dealership. This live chat works on desktop browsers and mobile browsers.
  4. List Service & Sales Department Contact Information & Hours … As mentioned above, buyers are impatient. If they’re visiting your site for hours or a phone number, they aren’t going to spend 2 minutes looking for it. Make sure all contact information is prominently displayed and easy to find.
  5. Test Your Site’s Functionality & Ease Of Navigation … How easy is your dealership’s site to navigate? Can visitors easily search and find what they’re looking for? Visitors won’t stay for a long period of time to search your site. Make you information easy to find to keep visitors engaged.

If your dealership isn’t putting mobile first, you’re probably missing out on sales! Today, so many buyers are utilizing smart phones and mobile devices to do research and find out more information about the vehicles they’re interested in. Capture your browsers’ attention before the visit the lot by taking the steps above. Call today to learn more about Client ConneXion’s complete suite of dealership solutions that can help you turn more browsers into buyers!