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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Live Chat: How Your Dealership Can Sell More

Is your virtual lot engaging its visitors? If not, you are most likely losing sales. Today’s buyers respond best and convert to leads when they are engaged on a website, especially when they are in the market for a vehicle. At Client ConneXion, we have developed a live chat solution to help your dealership […]

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5 Ways Your Dealership Can Utilize Constant ConneXion

Constant ConneXion is our e-Newsletter and campaign solution to allows your dealership to maintain constant communication and contact through direct email marketing. Email marketing is a digital marketing technique that is proven to help sell more and increase customer retention for a variety of businesses. Check out these 5 ways that your dealership can […]

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Using Digital Marketing To Sell More Cars

Your biggest tool for selling cars is your website. That’s why we have developed a suite of complete dealership solutions to accompany your website in helping you sell more cars and convert visitors into customers! Today’s car buyers do most of their research and shopping online before they ever step foot onto an actual […]

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Top Questions Customers Ask When Buying a Car

When purchasing a car, customers tend to ask many questions in which the answer may make or break the deal. Today, buyers may chat on your website or call your dealership to find out more information about the car they’re interested in. Buyers tend to do their research before they make the decision to […]

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Customer Expectations and How You Can Surpass Them

Today’s customers are often thought of as some of the most demanding and impatient customers ever. Buyers have expectations and expect certain things when they are making a purchase, especially one as important as buying a car. Here are some expectations of today’s customers and tips on how your salespeople can meet and exceed […]

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What We Can Learn from Red Lobster and Beyoncé

In February of this year, pop-star and global celebrity Beyoncé surprised the pop music world by sneakily releasing her new single, “Formation.” While the song flew up the charts, people began to notice a lag from a company that the songstress mentioned in her lyrics.Surrounded by a pool of racy lyrics, Red Lobster found […]

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3 Ways Social Media Can Enhance Your Customer Service

Businesses across the world are utilizing social media as a platform to boost their customer service. Before the social media “boom,” customer service representatives would be available via face-to-face or telephone communication – but now, they are highly accessible through smart phones. In addition, any employee who has access to your dealership’s social media […]

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Going the Old Fashioned Route

We can talk all day about the importance of social media, utilizing the Internet, and creating a strong online presence. Trust us…we really can talk all day about those topics. However, there is nothing quite as important as your demeanor when meeting with a customer in person. Face-to-face, you say? We may consider it […]

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