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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Chat ConneXion: Why it works

Here at Client ConneXion, we serve as an extension of your sales team by making it possible to get lead through online chat, one of our most effective features. We serve your sales team for 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Chat ConneXion offers:

Customer convenience
Operator/manager convenience
Monitoring and tracking abilities

Customers utilize […]

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Increase SEO Through Videos

Here at Client ConneXion, we have discovered the value of incorporating videos into your dealership’s website. Below are a few reasons why videos can increase your search engine ranking and – in turn – help you sell more cars:

Video SEO helps you:

Get more videos on more touch-points!
– Google (SEO)
– Social Media
– Website Traffic

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Client ConneXion: An Overview

Client ConneXion assists auto dealerships in creating instant ConneXions with online buyers more effectively than the industry standard “internet lead” process. With our suite of ConneXion services, Client ConneXion enables auto dealers to sell more cars all while successfully creating lasting consumer relationships.

There are two types of business relationships; the “doing for” and the […]

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How do YOU set your dealership apart?

Happy Monday, everyone! In any industry, it is important to determine how to set yourself apart from competition, from the culinary industry to the technology sector and everything in between. Today, we want to discuss how you can set your dealership apart from others around you and how Client ConneXion can help!

Respond. This […]

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Happy Friday! Will your dealership still be connecting with customers after hours this weekend?

Between the time when your dealership closes on the weekend and re-opens on Monday, are you missing all of the potential customers that may be interested in purchasing a vehicle from your lot? With Client ConneXion you can connect with customers and engage them around the clock no matter what time or day it […]

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Improve Your Dealer Trade Process with iDealerTrade!

Dealer trades allow two dealership to swap vehicles. For example, if one dealership has a buyer that’s looking for a vehicle with particular features that the dealership doesn’t have, they can swap vehicles with another dealership that has the vehicle the customer is looking for. Dealer swaps work to prevent a customer from taking […]

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The Importance of Connecting With Online Visitors

At Client ConneXion, we assist your dealership in creating conneXions with online visitors to encourage sales with those visitors. Some dealerships may not fully understand how important these online visitors are. However, in today’s market, buyers are spending more and more time online researching and making their decision before they ever step foot on […]

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Try Client ConneXion for FREE!

Have you been on the fence about trying out our dealership solutions? Now you can… FREE for 30 days! We are offering a free 30 day trial of Craigslist ConneXion so that your dealership can test out this solution for yourself and see how you can benefit from it!

Craigslist ConneXion allows you to finally […]

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