Client ConneXion knows how to most effectively connect with customers, and believe that every dealership should know how, too. From what we’ve learned, it all starts and ends with your customer service representatives – whether it’s an entire department or just a couple of friendly faces behind an office counter. There are plenty of ways to attract a customer to come in and make a purchase from your lot, but customer service is at the top of the list.

Investing in your customer service department is always a good idea. They are what your customer remembers most about their time spent at your dealership, and can ultimately make or break a sale. Below are a few reasons why having a top-notch customer service front matters (and a few tips, too!):

  • When a customer is pleased with how they were treated, they will tell those around them. If one of their friends or family members is on the hunt for a new vehicle, your satisfied customer will most likely pass on the name of your dealership.
  • Handling situations correctly the first time around means customers will be highly satisfied. Your customer service department should be knowledgeable about all situations that could arise in order to handle them right the first time around.
  • Invest in those who genuinely care about your company. There is nothing worse than dealing with a customer service representative who clearly does not want to be there. Take the time to search and invest in individuals who show an affinity toward your dealership and who will show up every day ready to chat with customers.
  • TIP: Social media can help elevate your customer service immensely. Take – for instance – a time when a customer comments on your Facebook post. Many dealerships do not interact with current or potential customers on social media, so a simple “like” or comment back would set your customer service apart from competition. It’s a quick, simple way to interact with those who took the time to interact with you.

Overall, customer service is a very important facet of your dealership. Oftentimes, managers and business owners will neglect to focus on building a willing and helpful customer service department, which can negatively affect your dealership overall. Just remember the tips and tricks mentioned above and your dealership will be better connected with its customers and increasing overall sales!

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