At Client ConneXion, we’re here to help you connect with customers like never before! By connecting with your online visitors and engaging them, we can help you turn more of those visitors into customers. Check out some of our most effective dealership solutions that are guaranteed to help you sell more cars.

Chat ConneXion – Engage Your Customers While They Are On Your Website

Chat ConneXion is one of our most effective dealership solutions. By engaging your website visitors 24/7, you never miss an opportunity. The great thing about live chat is that it works even when you aren’t – that’s where Response ConneXion comes in! Today’s buyers are impatient and want immediate answers. Make sure you’re there to answer them.

Video SEO – Generate Sales Traffic Through Video Marketing

We utilize your inventory to create videos that will help you dominate your market. Video is the #1 consumed content on the internet today. If you’re not using video to market your dealer you’re missing out on opportunities to reach more customers.

Craigslist ConneXion – Expose Your Inventory Without Being Dropped

We’re sure you know how effective Craigslist can be. It’s extremely inexpensive and reaches thousands of people who are actively searching for what you have. However, Craigslist posting can be complicated and time consuming. We’ve streamlined this process to keep your listing live and updated until they sell.

Response ConneXion – We Are There When You Can’t Be

We know that it’s impossible for your sales people to sleep with their phone under their pillow. However, we also know that people shop for cars online all day and all night and when your dealership is closed. Allow us to manage your live chat inquires so that you never have to worry about response times.

Don’t get us wrong, these solutions can benefit your dealership individually. However, can you imagine how your sales will grow by bundling our dealership solutions to work together and help you connect with even more customers? Our suite of dealership solutions were designed by car dealers (yes, we are dealers so we know what you need) for dealers to work together for the best results possible. Call us today to learn more about Client ConneXion, our dealership solutions and how they can work for you! Don’t forget to ask about a free 30 trial!