E-newsletters can seem like a waste of time to many, but – when properly executed – they can serve as a valuable marketing tool for your dealership. Below are a few tips to consider when sending out your dealership’s next e-newsletter:

  1. Forget about the “sales” mentality. Save the whole “sales” vernacular for a promotional email. Treat your e-newsletters as a a casual way to connect with your customers. Use conversational language and chat about topics that will appeal to your audience, like safety, unique vehicle features, family-oriented models, etc. There is no need to overwhelm your customers with a pushy sales message through an e-newsletter. Instead, pretend you’re sitting in their office having a simple, informative conversation.
  2. Be consistent. If you plan to send out a newsletter once a month, send out a newsletter once a month. No excuses. Plan ahead to create content and layout your e-newsletter well in advanced of sending it out. This way, you will not be rushed and overwhelmed with trying to pull it all together at the last minute. In addition, your recipients will expect to receive a newsletter once a month at the same time, creating a type of routine and expectancy.
  3. Be open to responses. Sending a newsletter through a “do not reply” email address closes off a huge opportunity for communication. Use an email address that encourages messages back and forth between you and a recipient, creating beneficial relationships and potential leads. Being available to answer questions at all times is key when trying to formulate more business for your dealership. Finally, RESPOND. If someone sends a message back responding to your email, take the time to answer their question or comment on their inquiry.

Overall, e-newsletters can be a very effective method for reaching many people at once. However, you must execute it in a genuine and open fashion. Consider the tips above the next time you send out your dealership’s e-newsletter!

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