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Monthly Archives: July 2017

Why Training Matters

There’s no doubt that the sales game has changed, especially over the last several years. We can thank technology and consumers for that. Change isn’t always bad, however. It’s important to understand that the way consumers research and purchase has changed and therefore, your dealership’s sales representatives need to change their selling tactics and […]

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How Good Hires Make Good Connections

Believe it or not, making good connections with your dealership’s customers all starts with¬†you – even if you don’t make contact with customers on a regular basis. Want to know why?

As the hiring manager or business owner, you have a responsibility to oversee everything that goes on within your dealership. When you make a […]

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5 Things Never to Say to a Customer

At Client ConneXion, we strive to provide your dealership with ways to better connect with customers. Today, we want to touch on a few things you should never say to a customer if you want to make a sale:

“That’s against our policy.” It may be against your policy, but customers aren’t concerned about the […]

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Ask For Feedback

Client ConneXion specializes in providing your dealership with better ways to connect. While there are hundreds of assets you can implement into your schedule and routine as an HR professional, there is a way you can benefit from connections, as well.

Asking for constructive feedback is an excellent way to both help your dealership and […]

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How to Get Your Dealership Seen

The Internet is a wide and vast place, filled with many people and businesses striving to be seen. With this large pool of people seeking attention, it is important to stick to the basics when promoting your dealership on the web. Below are a few ways to do just that:

Get creative with social […]

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Social Media Management for Car Dealerships

Social media marketing is the use of social networks – such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more – to market your business. However, today we’re going to dive into why social media marketing is different for dealerships and why it’s so important and can help you sell more cars!

Establishing a social presence will help […]

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Improve Your Dealer Trade Efficiency

Dealer trades are not uncommon in the auto industry. However, they can get complicated. We understand how important it is for your dealership to not lose a customer just because your lot doesn’t have a vehicle with all of the trim and details they’re looking for. That’s where a dealer trade comes in.


We’re introducing […]

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What You Need To Know About Email Newsletter Marketing

Does your dealership keep a list of contacts? Whether someone calls, fillout out a form on your website or sends you a Facebook message, you likely keep track of their name, phone number and email address. So, what do you do with all of these contacts? We encourage you to take advantage of these […]

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