There’s no doubt that the sales game has changed, especially over the last several years. We can thank technology and consumers for that. Change isn’t always bad, however. It’s important to understand that the way consumers research and purchase has changed and therefore, your dealership’s sales representatives need to change their selling tactics and techniques to be more successful with today’s buyers.

At Client ConneXion, we believe that developing customer relationships is key to selling cars. That’s why we have developed a complete suite of dealership solutions to help you do just that as well as a training program that is designed to help you improve interactions with potential customers.

Some people say that the secret is to spend more time with customers, while some people argue that it’s better to spend less time with a customer. At Client ConneXion, our research and statistics have revealed that there is no secret amount of time that you should spend with a customer in order to make the sale. However, we have found that the quality of the relationship and interaction is what matters. Our suite of dealership solutions including Chat ConneXion, Constant ConneXion, Response ConneXion and several others are available to help your sale representatives capture leads as early in their buying process as possible and start developing a relationship.

To learn more about our dealership solutions and our continuous training options, contact us today!