Video is the number one most consumed content on the internet today. Facebook and other social media networks have altered their platforms to adjust to this change in consumption. So, what does this mean for your dealership?

If you’re not taking advantage of video marketing, your dealership is likely missing out on leads and possible sales. Google acquired YouTube, therefore all video content posted on YouTube is indexed and used in search results. This means that any video posted on YouTube can and will help your dealership’s search engine placement so that more people find you online.

To go along with our complete suite of dealership solutions that are designed to help you connect with customers to turn browsers into buyers, we have developed our Video SEO solution. Video SEO utilizes your inventory to create videos that will help you dominate your market while showcasing your inventory. The three types of video we will utilize are automated inventory videos, eMotion live videos and new model test drive videos. These three types of video will work to create an emotional attachment to your dealership, the sales person and the vehicle all while boosting your dealerships SEO!

Start reaching more customers online by driving traffic to your site with our Video SEO solution! To learn more about Video SEO and why your dealership should be taking advantage of video marketing, contact Client ConneXion today!