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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Be Available Even When You’re Busy

Consider these two scenarios: you are home for the evening eating dinner with your family and your cell phone rings. It’s a customer inquiring about the vehicle you chatted about with them earlier in the day. Instead of letting it go to voicemail, you pick up the phone and close the sale, leaving your […]

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Get In Front Of Your Competition

As a dealership,  you have lots of other dealerships competing for the same customers. Even though you make be the only Chevrolet or Toyota dealership in your town, there’s likely another one in the next town over. Depending on the customer’s brand loyalty, a Chevrolet shopper can easily be converted to another brand.

SEO / […]

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Keep Your Customers Coming Back

In the automotive industry – and many other industries – customer retention is a huge key to success! Keeping customers is much easier and less expensive than capturing new customers. Statistics show that it is nearly 50% easier to sell to a past or existing customer than a new one.

One of our most effective […]

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Convert More Browsers Into Buyers

At Client ConneXion, our goal is to help you convert more browsers into buyers. So, how do we do this? We’ve developed a suite of dealership solutions that are designed to help you connect with customers to get them to the buying stage.

As dealers ourselves, we know that the struggles you experience when trying […]

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Chat Your Way To More Sales

Does your dealership’s sales staff acknowledge every visitor and potential customer? You’re probably thinking “of course they do!”. Well, you may want to think again. How about those people who visit your website? Your website serves as your dealership’s virtual lot. Those visitors are just as important as those that walk onto your actual […]

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We Give You The Power To Connect With Customers

At Client ConneXion, our goal is to help you turn browsers into buyers. That’s why we give you the power to connect with customers through our dealership solutions.

As car dealers ourselves, we understand what it takes when it comes to connecting with potential customers in order to get them to the actual point of […]

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Let Us Maintain Your Craigslist Page!

Craigslist has become an important factor in auto sales, and we have the answers to get your inventory seen and sold. With a fully automated process, responsible mobile-ready website, estimated payment option, unique call tracking number, and real-time updates, it seems like a no-brainer to get Client ConneXion’s Craigslist ConneXion to step up your […]

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Tips to Boost Your Website with Video

We’ve explained how video helps boost your dealership’s website on search engines, but today we want to chat about a few video tips that will help improve your SEO even more!

Use keyword labels on your videos to help increase relevance in keyword searches. Think of every possible subject that could pertain to the […]

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