The amount of holiday shopping that people now do online versus shopping in actual stores has increased dramatically over the last several years and continues to increase each and every year. Some people find is so much easier to click a mouse, put in their shipping address and card number and wait for stuff to show up at their door instead of fighting crowds, searching for a parking spot and standing in line to purchase the same thing they can do so from the comfort of their sofa.

Although people purchasing a vehicle typically have to visit your dealership to fill out paperwork, credit application and seal the deal, the entire process prior to that can be done online. Nearly every car buyer starts their research online and only visits one dealership to do the test drive and purchase the vehicle. This means that you need to make sure your website captures its visitors and gets them to actual come to the dealership. Today’s car buyers are impatient and demanding. They’re looking for informaiton. If your website doesn’t give it to them, they’ll simply click “x” and go the next one.

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