We are quickly approaching 2018 and we are very excited for a fresh start! While New Year’s Day usually denotes the end of a year, it also ignites a new slate that is open for changes and tweaks. Here at Client ConneXion, we are constantly evolving with the times – incorporating new technologies into our practice each and every day. This year, however, we adopted DriveTRACpro into our programs and encourage you to give it a try as 2018 begins! Here’s how it works:

DriveTRACpro specializes in GPS fleet tracing, fleet management and data communications. Started in 2008, it has now built its fourth platform using technology in cloud management software, security and the latest responsive technology. Our web-based platform allows customers from anywhere in the world to login and manage their fleet.

DriveTRACpro also features a live mapping system with real time alerts, notifications and history trail that will allow you to reduce abuse, monitor locations and out of boundary alerts. It will overall help your loaner fleet become profitable and beneficial to your dealership as a whole.

Interested? Give us a call at 877-888-5948 today! Have a great Wednesday, everyone!