As dealers ourselves, we understand that operating a dealership comes with lots of costs. We’re here to help you simplify your processes, make them more efficient and give you the tools to sell more. We know that your dealership’s loaner vehicle program is essential in contributing to your customer satisfaction rating. We also know that loaner vehicle programs can be extremely complicated to monitor and can end up costing your dealership a ton of money!

That’s where we step in. DriveTRAC Pro is our loaner vehicle management solution that will help you to monitor your loaner vehicles, reduce abuse and stop losing revenue. Did you know that loaner programs can be the third highest expensive in the dealership, after the cost of rent and their staff? If you’re spending this much money on your loaner program, it should be working to benefit your dealership.

DriveTRAC Pro specializes in GPS tracking, data communication and fleet management. With the latest cloud based technology, you can manage your loaner vehicles from anywhere. Our live mapping system gives you real time alerts so that you can monitor and reduce abuse when drivers enter and exit your area of service.

To learn more about DriveTRAC Pro, click here. To get started with a more efficient loaner vehicle program, contact us today!