We’re almost two weeks into 2018, which means it’s time to evaluate your workflow and efficiency within your dealership. Is your dealership maximizing all areas of profitability? Or is there room for improvement?

Take your loaner vehicle program for example: are you LOSING money with each vehicle you’re lending to drivers who are utilizing your service department? Make your loaner vehicles profitable with DriveTRACpro, a system that specializes in GPS tracking, fleet management, and data communications.

Most dealerships have not yet found a way to make their loaner car program a key part of their profitability and customer satisfaction strategy. These loaner programs can be the third highest expense within a dealership after the cost of rent and employees, but – if it is handled poorly – they can end up costing the dealership money and damaging the relationship between the customer and dealership. With DriveTRACpro, the web-based platform allows customers from anywhere in the world to login and manage their fleet.

It seems like a no-brainer to install a program within your dealership to help increase profitability and efficiency. If you’re interested, contact us at Client ConneXion today! Also, read more about DriveTRACpro and how it can help your dealership here.