Have you ever evaluated your dealership? Let’s be more specific – have you ever REALLY dove deep and deeply evaluated the way your dealership operates? If not, it’s time.

It’s a new year, which means there are plenty of opportunities to improve in all areas of your business. Below are a few ways you can begin your evaluation process:

  1. Write down all of your departments and the manager of each.
  2. Set up meetings with each manager to talk about the success of the departments.
  3. Next, talk to the managers about the weaknesses of the departments.
  4. Finally, figure out if this part of your dealership is making profit for your business overall. Keep detailed notes of all of your conversations.
  5. At the end, go back and put your planning hat on. Take all of your departments that are not producing profit and change it. For example, if your loaner car program is sucking the money out of your budget, install DriveTRACpro.

DriveTRACpro is the answer to your profitability and efficiency questions. This program is a cloud-based system that specializes in GPS fleet tracking, fleet management and data communications to ensure your loaner vehicles are being taken care of and are not requiring additional costs. DriveTRACpro also strengthens the bond between your customer service department and the customers themselves.

If you’re interested in improving all of your departments within your dealership, especially your loaner vehicle program, give us a call at 877-888-5948 today!

To learn more about DriveTRACpro, click here.