Client ConneXion’s newest program – DriveTRACpro – is a way for your dealership to MAKE money in your loaner vehicle department. DriveTRACpro specializes in GPS fleet tracking, fleet management and data communications with a cloud-based platform. Additionally, its live mapping system includes real-time alerts, notifications and a history trail that will allow you – the manager or dealership owner – to reduce abuse, monitor locations and out of boundary alerts.

But what is live mapping and how can it help YOU?

Live mapping is where the information to run a vehicle is altered or read in real time, meaning it can give you data that you would otherwise not get from a loaner vehicle. With this information, you can evaluate if the driver was being careful with their rental or if they were abusing the guidelines set out by your dealership.

There are many benefits to including live mapping and DriveTRACpro into your dealership this year. Perhaps the biggest benefit? Your dealership will increase profitability and efficiency simply by installing DriveTRACpro.

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