Here at Client ConneXion, we have researched various ways to better connect with customers, both when they walk into your dealership and when they’re communication through a computer screen. Our features help you – the manager or dealership owner – teach your employees how to create a favorable experience whenever someone interacts with your company. We have many programs you can install into your workflow, but DriveTRACpro – our newest feature specializing in GPS fleet tracking, fleet management and data communications – may be our uniquest connecting tool yet.

DriveTRACpro uses the latest technology is could management software, security and responsiveness for your loaner vehicle program. Our web-based platform allows customers from anywhere in the world to login and manage their fleet. With a live mapping system with real time alerts, notifications and history trail, you will encourage your dealership to reduce abuse, monitor locations and out of boundary alerts.

However, DriveTRACpro capitalizes on more than just advanced technology, it helps boost your customer service department. Your loaner vehicle program can be a great avenue for customer service, and this new program can help create positive and favorable relationships with your current and potential customers.

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