How efficient is your dealership’s loaner vehicle program? We know that your customers likely value the option to have a loaner vehicle when theirs is at the dealership for maintenance or work. Loaner vehicles can and should be an important aspect of your customer satisfaction strategy. However, we understand that your loaner vehicle program can easily get abused and may be difficult to manage.

That’s where DriveTrac Pro comes in! With DriveTrac Pro, we offer live GPS tracking, real time location alerts and the latest cloud technology so that you can check vehicle locations and manage your fleet from virtually anywhere at any time.

As dealers ourselves, our goal is to not only help you connect with customers to sell more cars, but to also ensure that your dealership’s processes are efficient and work to help you gain more profits. DriveTrac Pro’s GPS tracking and live alerts will help to notify you when a loaner vehicle enters or exits your service area so that you can target and eliminate abuse that is costing you extra money.

To learn more about DriveTrac Pro and how we can help you better manage your dealership’s loaner vehicle program, contact us today!