DriveTrac Pro is our loaner vehicle management system equipped with live GPS monitoring and tracking, real time location alerts and cloud management capabilities. Part of eliminating the abuse of loaner vehicles at your dealership and cutting down costs associated with your loaner program including proper management. We understand that managing your loaner cars and know how and when abuse occurs can be difficult. That’s why we have developed DriveTrac Pro. Managing your loaner vehicles has never been easier.

The majority of loaner vehicle abuse occurs when drivers use the loaner cars to travel extensive miles far outside your dealership’s area. This racks up miles on the vehicles which leads to additional maintenance including oil changes, tire rotations and new tires, gas and so much more. By receiving location alters in real time in regards to your loaner vehicles, you’ll be able to target abuse and know who, where and when it’s occurring so that you can address it and eliminate it, therefore cutting those extra costs.

To learn more about DriveTrac Pro and how we can help you better manage your loaner vehicle program to cut down on abuse and extra costs, call us today!