We are well into a new year, which probably has you assessing what works and what doesn’t work within your dealership. You may have installed new programs or protocols at the first of the year or you may have kept with the same guidelines. Regardless of what your dealership did in 2017 or the changes you installed in 2018, it’s important to make sure all of your departments are properly producing, especially in the realm of profits.

DriveTRACPro is the answer to your profit questions when it comes to your loaner vehicle program. With this program, you are able to reduce abuse to your loaner cars, monitor patterns, keep tabs on a renter, and – most importantly – manage your entire fleet from the simplicity of a computer screen.

Most dealership have not yet found a way to make their loaner car operations a key part of the profitability and customer satisfaction strategy. These loaner programs can be the third highest expense within a dealership. However, if it is handled poorly, they can end up costing the dealership money and damaging the relationship between dealer and customer.

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