When evaluating your dealership and its efficiency and profitability, do you  have a gap in your customer service department? Are you curious why some people are not happy with your dealership, even though you’re providing them with everything they need for their car?

Your customer satisfaction is largely based on what “extras” you provide for your customers. For example, if you offer them coffee or tea while they’re signing paperwork for their newest purchase or if you send them a handwritten note telling them thank you. These extras can make or break a customer’s experience, and can impact their likeliness of coming back.

An “extra” that you can easily provide for your customers, is an improved loaner vehicle program. By improved, however, we mean internally. Your loaner car program is mostly likely losing you money. How? Because loaner cars are hard to track, manage and communicate.

Most dealerships in the US have not yet found a way to make their loaner car operations a key part of their profitability and customer satisfaction. Now, with the help of DriveTRACPro and Client ConneXion, you can improve both.

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