How does your dealership manage your loaner vehicles? When someone comes in for maintenance on their vehicle that will take several hours or even days, you likely let them borrow one of your dealership’s loaner vehicles. This is a key part of customer satisfaction, however managing your loaner vehicles can be extremely complicated and many dealerships experience loaner vehicle abuse. Abuse that racks up excessive miles ends up costing the dealership a lot of money in fuel and maintenance.

At Client ConneXion, we’ve developed a solution to help you manage your loaner vehicles. DriveTrac Pro is our dealership solution that helps you manage your loaner vehicles so that you can monitor location and pinpoint abuse when and where it happens. Utilizing the latest cloud management technology will allow you to monitor your loaner vehicles from virtually anywhere at any time. You’ll also get real time alerts when vehicles enter or exit your service boundaries.

By eliminating abuse of your loaner vehicles, your dealership will cut those unnecessary costs that are eating up your profits. To learn more about DriveTrac Pro and how we can help your dealership programs operate more efficiently and effectively, contact us today.