How much money is your dealership’s loaner vehicle program costing you? We know that loaner vehicle programs are one of the top expenses in a dealership. That’s why it’s important to properly manage your loaner fleet so that you can cut down costs and stop losing profits when it comes to your loaner vehicles.

DriveTrac Pro incorporates GPS tracking, fleet management and data communications while utilizing cloud management technology so that you can track and monitor your loaner vehicles from anywhere at any time. DriveTrac Pro’s live mapping system will give you real time alerts and notifications as well as a driving history trail. This will help you to pinpoint loaner vehicle abuse so that you know exactly when and where the abuse is happening. DriveTrac Pro will alert you when a vehicle enters or exits your boundary area.

Reducing loaner vehicle abuse will cut down on costs and lost profits for your dealership. Instead of your loaner vehicle program just being another expense for your dealership, let us help you turn it into a key part of your customer satisfaction strategy.