The level of customer service that your dealership provides can hugely impact how successful your dealership is and how many cars you sell. At Client Connexion, we understand how important it is to effectively connect with customers. That’s why we have developed a complete suite of dealership solutions to help you do just that while increase your customer service and satisfaction.

Today, we’re going to talk about why customer service really matters and what you can do to provide better customer service.

When a customer is pleased with the service provided, they will tell their friends and family, however when they are not pleased, they will tell even more people. A bad experience can hurt you and keep that customer away for life as well as influence how people that customer knows makes a decision if it involves your dealership. You only get one chance. If the first opportunity doesn’t go well, you could lose that customer and never have a chance to get them back.

DriveTrac Pro is one of our most popular dealership solutions that is guaranteed to help you maximize customer satisfaction related to your loaner vehicle program. There’s no doubt that providing a loaner vehicle will increase customer satisfaction. Let us put DriveTrac Pro to work for your dealership to help you effectively and efficiently manage your loaner cars.

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