Chat ConneXion immediately engages visitors on your website, turning browsers into buyers 24/7. Online consumers are generally some of the most impatient and demanding around. THey expect answers from your online support group right away when they’re only as quick as their computer’s internet connection and processor speed.

Our average client ConneXion dealer sees 15-30 additional sales each month with Chat ConneXion. Consumers use live chat during all aspects of the customer life cycle, from researching to buying and maintaining their vehicle. Customers that engage in chat on an auto dealership’s website statistically purchase within two weeks.

Chat ConneXion makes it possible for your salesmen and problems at unprecedented speeds. It also gives you vital information about how consumers were directed to your site, how long they’ve been there and where they committed to buy or decided to bail, giving you new insight into what’s working with your website and what’s not.

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