Education and events start TODAY at NADA Show 2018 – it seems like we’ve been looking forward to this for months and it’s finally here! We are very excited to meet all the attendees who stop by the Client ConneXion booth  908N and to fill them in on all things connection. As a car dealership, you must set yourself apart from competition in order to gain new customers and retain your existing ones. Social ConneXion is a great way to do that, and we want to give you some highlights of what it has to offer before you hit the convention floor to come find us!

The vast explosion in social networking has made it harder and harder to manage your reputation online. It is an unavoidable fact that there are more and more places where dissatisfied customers can go to let off steam. These negative mentions can hurt your ability to sell. However, for every dissatisfied customer, there are probably at least a hundred happy customers who don’t feel the need to say anything at all.

By installing Social ConneXion, your dealership will gain:

  • Customization of your dealership Facebook page and Twitter.
  • Assistance with Facebook postings.
  • Twitter setup and tweeting.
  • NING setup and blogging.

Introducing Social ConneXion into your dealership can make a huge impact on your customer base. You can reach new people by simply clicking “Post” on your social networking sites, and Client ConneXion can help you optimize those posts to get the most views possible. Interested in learning more? Come to Booth 908N at NADA Show 2018 – we look forward to seeing you!