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Monthly Archives: September 2018

Constant ConneXion Will Help You Retain Customers For Life

We all know that selling a car to a previous customer is a thousand times easier than selling a car to a new customers. Aside from that, attracting new customers is much more expensive on the dealership’s end than it is to retain previous customers.

We’ve developed a dealership solution to help you keep customers […]

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Let Us Help You Sell More Cars

Here at Client ConneXion, we have made it our mission to develop dealership solutions and tools to help car dealers sell more cars. Our complete suite of dealership solutions serves as a toolbox where you can decide where areas your dealership needs help in and select our tools for assistance.

Our dealership solutions are designed […]

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Better Management For Your Loaner Vehicle Program

If your loaner vehicle program is cutting into your dealership’s profits and costing you more money than planned for, we’ve got a solution for you. We understand how important loaner vehicles are to your customers and the role that they play in overall customers satisfaction. However, we also understand that many customers take advantage […]

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Kick Sales Into Hyperdrive

Is your sales staff struggling to meet sales goals each month? Today’s buyers are more impatient and demanding than every before and the typical sales process has changed so much in recent years due to technology.

At Client ConneXion, our founders have years of experience in the auto industry. That’s why they have developed a […]

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Stop Your Loaner Vehicles From Cutting Into Revenue

How costly is your dealership’s loaner vehicle program? At Client ConneXion, we understand how important it is for dealerships to offer loaner vehicles for their customers when they bring in their car for service. Loaner vehicles are a huge part in many dealership’s customer satisfaction strategy. However, loaner vehicles are often times difficult to […]

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Get The Most From Your Online Traffic

At Client ConneXion, we understand how important your online visitors are. Did you know that today’s buyers typically only visit one dealership before making a buying decision? The majority of research done before purchasing a vehicle is done online. That’s why it’s imperative that your dealership’s website attracts visitors, engages them and gets them […]

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Stay in Constant Communication with Your Contacts

At Client ConneXion, we’re here to help your dealership sell more cars. No matter what stage of the sales process, we’ve got solutions to make your job easier, more efficient and will help you close more deals. Our complete suite of dealership solutions is designed by dealers for dealers. Check out Constant ConneXion, and […]

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Let Us Help You Sell More Cars

At Client ConneXion, our founders are car dealers so we know the industry. We know about car buyers and we know what it takes to turn your online browsers into buyers.

We’ve developed a complete suite of dealership solutions that are designed to help you turn more browsers into buyers. We understand that connecting with […]

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