We all know that nearly all of car buyers today begin their search process and research online. Typically, car buyers only visit one dealership before making a buying decision. This is much different than how people bought cars just several years ago. In an effort and commitment to stay on top of the latest technology and car buying trends, we have developed a complete suite of dealership solutions to help you convert more of those online browsers into actual car buyers.

Here are some steps in ensure that your dealership is making the most of your internet presence. After all, more website traffic means more opportunities to sell more cars.

  1. Increase website traffic. SEO/SEM ConneXion is our search engine optimization and search engine marketing solution that is designed to uniquely place your dealership at the top of search engine results. With today’s buyers spending a lot of time online before visiting a dealership, it is imperative that your dealership is found on search results. If not, you’re losing sales to the dealership down the street.
  2. Engage website visitors. Your website is essentially your dealership’s virtual car lot. Visitors should be able to find out just about everything on your website that they would find on your actual car lot. Today’s buyers are also impatient and demanding. They have questions and they want immediate answers. Engaging your visitors immediately upon entering your site will help start the conversation and connection. Chat ConneXion is our live chat solution that works 24/7 to engage and connect with visitors even when your dealership is closed.
  3. Convert website visitors into leads. Chat ConneXion will also help your online sales staff to obtain information that convert your visitors to leads. What happens when visitors chat when your dealership is closed? We’ve got Response ConneXion for that. Our response solution and lead management tools will funnel leads to your sales staff to be taken care of in order of importance.
  4. Get leads to your dealership and convert them to buyers. Chat ConneXion also plays a huge role in setting appointments and getting visitors to your dealership. Once you’ve got the people at your dealership, your sales staff takes it from there and does what they do best!

If you’re ready to convert more online browsers into buyers, we are here to help! Give us a call today to learn more about our dealership solutions and what they can do for you.