We all know how crucial having loaner vehicles available for you customers is in ensuring high customer satisfaction. However, we know that these vehicles get taken advantage of quite often. Many customers will schedule maintenance and service appointments for their vehicles when they’re needing or planning to take a road trip – hence putting the wear and tear on the dealership’s loaner vehicle instead of their personal vehicle. This happens all the time and ends up costing dealership a lot of money.

We’ve developed a dealership solution to make managing your loaner vehicles easier so that you can track your vehicles at any point from virtually anywhere. DriveTrac Pro is our loaner vehicle management solution that utilizes the latest in cloud technology so your managers can monitor loaner vehicle activity and locations. You’ll also receive real time alerts when vehicles enter and/or exit a specified service area. This will let you know who, when and where the vehicle abuse is taking place so that you can stop it.

These unexpected miles put on your loaner vehicles add up and end up eating into your dealership’s profits. This means more maintenance, more oil changes, more gas and other costs associated with additional miles on your loaner cars.

Stop letting your loaner vehicle program eat into your dealership’s profit. To learn more about DriveTrac Pro and our complete suite of dealership solutions, give us a call today!