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Monthly Archives: April 2015

Nearly 70% of American adults own a smart phone or mobile device!

With nearly 70% of American adults using a smart phone or mobile device, the mobile market is huge and constantly growing! Did you know that 9 out of 10 mobile searches lead to action? And they lead to action quickly! Is your dealership taking advantage of the mobile market? If you aren’t you are […]

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Boost traffic with Client ConneXion!

Sometimes potential buyers need help navigating to you and often they can be distracted and detoured by your competition. We have what it takes to help you boost traffic and prevent potential customers from getting deviated by competitors.

The combination of your online marketing strategy and Client ConneXion’s dealership solutions will guarantee success by increasing online traffic […]

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Control the green light for your dealership.

Does it seem like your dealership traffic is stuck at a red light? With Client ConneXion, we can help you control the green light! Client ConneXion will help you connect with current and potential customers so that your traffic through the website and dealership will increase, ultimately increasing sales! Check out these dealership solutions […]

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Are your target customers finding you?

Is your dealership making sure it’s target market can find you? Don’t let potential customers get distracted by the competition. Client ConneXion can help your dealership reach more online shoppers and prevent potential buyers from getting deviated by competitors.. Take a look at these dealership solutions and give us a call to discover which solutions […]

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50% of mobile searchers use their device at the beginning of the search process.

Did you know that 50% of mobile searchers use their mobile device to begin their search process? And 31% of searchers use their mobile device throughout the search process. Is your dealership taking advantage of the mobile market? If you aren’t, you are losing sales!

With more and more people utilizing the internet before purchasing a new […]

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Red Line Your Online Traffic With Client ConneXion!

We all look at our web traffic and internet lead data and try to understand where leads come from the what the numbers mean in terms of potential customers. This is especially true with dealerships and internet leads. The number one thing that you can do to obtain an immediate boost to your traffic is […]

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Increase Sales With Chat ConneXion

What is Chat ConneXion? How does it work? And what can it do for you? Chat ConneXion is our live chat software that will start helping you turn more visitors into customers and increase sales for your dealership!

Chat ConneXion is a virtual extension of your sales team that is working 24 hours a day, […]

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Take advantage of social media marketing with Social ConneXion!

Are you engaging online shoppers? If not, you could be loosing sales! It is important to have a presence on social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+. These sites are used by many people that can potentially be your customers.

Social ConneXion is used to build your reputation on social media sites while […]

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