Client~ConneXion provides multiple options to engage web site visitors.

  • Customizable Click-To-Chat images/buttons that gives the web site visitor the opportunity to contact a live agent from any page on the Web site.

  • Agents viewing web site visitor activity can proactively send “invite” messages
    from the operator console. Invite messages can be custom graphic files, or text-based messages.

  • Invite messages can be sent automatically based on criteria-based conditions.

Client~ConneXion now offers Auto-Greet! Auto-Greet creates a seamless, cross-channel experience for web visitors to initiate a live chat session. Auto-Greet can be set to appear on landing pages or any other pages on the website. Auto-Greet can
be used independently or in-conjunction with Click-To-Chat and Invite messaging.

To view how the to Client~ConneXion Auto-Greet will look on your website, enter your URL into the box below and select Submit.


Current Auto-Greet configuration options:

  • Text

  • Color

  • Placement: bottom right, bottom left, top right and top left

  • Appearance Delay