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Monthly Archives: February 2015

Are you engaging the 191.1 MILLION digital shoppers out there?

There are 191.1 MILLION digital shoppers using the internet to search and shop. Are you engaging them? If not, you could be losing sales by not taking advantage of this market!

It is important to successfully market to these digital shoppers and get them to your website. Once they’re on your website you should treat […]

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Attract More Buyers

Attracting buyers online can drastically increase your sales each month! Client ConneXion can help your dealership be more reachable online and prevent potential buyers from getting deviated by competitors.. Take a look at these dealership solutions and give us a call to discover which solutions would benefit your dealership best.

The combination of your online marketing […]

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What does it take to convert online leads?

Is your dealership struggling with turning online visitors into qualified leads and customers? Let Client ConneXion help you increase your online leads and sales! With the help of our dealership solutions you will be headed in the right direction in no time.

It is important that you are engaging your online visitors and maintaining their […]

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Increase Your Sales Speed By Engaging Online Customers

Are you engaging your online website visitors? If not, you could be loosing sales! Engaging online visitors will also help your dealership increase the speed of the sales process. At Client ConneXion we can help you increase your sales speed by engaging your potential buyers and turning them into customers. Here are 3 of our […]

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Your Online Mistakes Could Be Costing You Sales

More people than ever before are researching online before they purchase a vehicle. The mistakes your dealership is making online could be costing you sales! At Client ConneXion we help you connect with potential customers and turn more online visitors into customers with the help of our dealership solutions.

Here are a few mistakes your […]

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3 Things To Help Seal The Deal

Sealing the deal can be easy or it can be very difficult. Check out these 3 things that will help you seal the deal more easily and more often!

1. Stay With the Buyer. Overtime your leave the customer, doubt and uncertainty enters their mind. Sometimes leaving the buyer is crucial to check on something […]

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Follow our directions to new customers!

Is your dealership looking to reel in new customers? At Client ConneXion we can help give to directions that will lead to new customers and more sales!

Our dealership solutions aim to help you turn more online visitors into customers. We do this by allowing your sales people to interact and connect with customers like […]

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Fuel Online Leads With Chat ConneXion

Is your online leads tank running on empty? Are you engaging your virtual car lot visitors on your website? If not, you are losing sales and your leads with eventually run out! Learn how Client ConneXion can help fuel online leads and increase sales with Chat ConneXion.

Chat ConneXion works 24 hours a day, 7 […]

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