How engaging is your dealership’s website? Are you even sure what that means? Online engagement refers to how your website captures and holds the attention of visitors and get them to navigate through your site and take the next step, contacting you or filling out a form on your website.

We’ve got a dealership solution that was specifically designed to engage visitors on car dealership websites. Chat ConneXion is our live chat solution that is guaranteed to engage visitors immediately upon entering your website. Working 24/7 around the clock – even when your sales team is sleeping – Chat ConneXion is proven to turn your website browsers into buys. The Chat ConneXion window immediately pops up upon entry, capturing attention and allowing visitors to ask questions. This is also an opportunity to start the dialogue with potential customers and begin developing a relationship. Getting proactive with your online traffic has never been easier! Interact, answer questions, solve problems and set test drive appointments with potential customers. Chat ConneXion gives you more opportunities to make sales. Don’t miss out on this dealership solution that will help you sell more cars!

Our average Chat ConneXion dealerships see an average of 15 to 30 additional sales each month! What is your dealership missing out on? Give us a call to learn more about Chat ConneXion and let us help you make your website as engaging as possible so that you can turn more browsers into buyers!