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Monthly Archives: June 2016

Give your dealership a competitive advantage!

Many cities and towns have several car dealerships that are competing for car buyers. So, how does your dealership stand out against the competition? With Client ConneXion, you can give your dealership a competitive advantage!

Our dealership solutions are specifically designed for dealers, by dealers. We understand the difficulties that come along with sell cars […]

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Make Your Used Inventory Stand Out With Craigslist ConneXion!

Many dealership count on their used inventory as a large part of their sales each month. Here are a few ways that Craigslist can make your used inventory stand out to help you sell more used cars!

Large audience. Hundreds of thousands of people look at Craigslist every single day. People that are looking […]

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Drive More Customers To The Finish Line

Your dealership may get a lot of traffic and visitors, but how many of those visitors are reaching the sales finish line? Here are 3 ways that your dealership can drive more customers to the finish line:

Engage website visitors. Your website visitors are so important. They visit your virtual lot to find out […]

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The Sales Game Has Changed: How’s Your Dealership Keeping Up

The way people shop for cars has changed and the way that your dealership sells cars should be changing also! Now that Generation Y is purchasing cars, more people are using smartphones and technology to assist them in their decision making when buying a car. So, how can your dealership keep up with the […]

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Turn Your Website Visitors Into Customers

Your virtual lot visitors are just as important as your actual lot visitors! How are you engaging them? If you are not engaging website visitors, you are losing sales! At Client ConneXion, we give you the power to connect with customers like never before.

Our most engaging dealership solutions, Chat ConneXion, works to help you […]

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Unlock the Secret to Sales Success

How can your dealership be more successful when it comes to selling your inventory? With the help of Client ConneXion, your dealership will be generating new leads and selling even more cars!

The key to selling more cars is connecting with customers! Our suite of dealership solutions are technically designed to work together to attract […]

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Connect With Customers

Client ConneXion gives you the power to connect with customers like never before! Creating ConneXions with new and existing customers will help your dealership sell even more cars! Here are just a few of our dealership solutions that will assist your sales representatives in connecting with customers online:

Chat ConneXion – Chat ConneXion is online […]

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Get More Leads

How can your dealership get more leads from your website? At Client ConneXion, we have an answer! Our dealership solutions are specifically designed for dealers, by dealers to help you connect with customers and sell more cars!

SEO/SEM ConneXion is our search engine optimization solution that will uniquely and strategically position your dealership online. By […]

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