DriveTrac Pro is our latest dealership solution that you certainly don’t want to miss out on! This loaner vehicle management solution is guaranteed to help cut down on the money lost due to your loaner vehicle program.

At Client ConneXion, we understand how costly your loaner vehicle program can be. Unfortunately, many customers schedule maintenance and service appointments for their vehicles for a time when they’ll be taking a road trip. Instead of putting miles, wear and tear on their person vehicle, they’re putting it on your dealership’s loaner vehicle. This happens quite often and ends up costing dealership more money than anticipated due to additional gas or fuel expenses, more oil changes, tires, and additional maintenance.

With DriveTrac Pro you can stop the loaner vehicle abuse where it happens. DriveTrac Pro features real time alters so you’ll receive a notification each time a vehicle enters or exits the service area. You’ll also receive drive reports to see how responsible your customers are driving. DriveTrac Pro utilizes the latest in cloud technology so your managers can monitor your vehicles from anywhere!

At dealers ourselves, we understand that your loaner vehicle program is crucial in providing good customer service and attaining high customer satisfaction. Let us help you stop your loaner program from eating into profits and turn it into a profit center! Call us today to learn more.