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Monthly Archives: March 2018

DriveTrac Pro: Make The Most of Your Loaner Program

Loaner car programs are essential in keeping a high customer satisfaction rating! However, as dealers ourselves we understand how costly and complicated a loaner vehicle program can be. Often times dealership’s loaner vehicle programs are one of the top expenses in the entire dealership. If you know how to properly manager your loaner program, […]

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How Can iDealer Trade Help Your Dealership?

Dealer trades are a great way to keep your customers on your lot. We know that when a customer comes to your lot looking for a particular vehicle and you don’t have the exact color or trim they’re looking for, it’s difficult to keep them them from going down the street to the next […]

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Get Social at NADA Show 2018

Education and events start TODAY at NADA Show 2018 – it seems like we’ve been looking forward to this for months and it’s finally here! We are very excited to meet all the attendees who stop by the Client ConneXion booth  908N and to fill them in on all things connection. As a car dealership, you […]

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NADA Show 2018: How a fast response can boost your profits

We will begin seeing auto industry professionals file into the Las Vegas Convention Center TOMORROW for NADA Show 2018 and we cannot be any more thrilled! We will be camped out at Booth 908N discussing everything from bettering your online presence to improving your connection with customers. We offer many programs to help your […]

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Learn More at NADA Show 2018: iDealerTrade

Soon, we will be setting up our booth (Booth 908N) in the Las Vegas Convention Center for this year’s NADA Show! While at the convention, we are looking forward to meeting attendees who are interested in learning more about better connecting with their dealership’s customers. Here at Client ConneXion, we have spent years and […]

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Chat ConneXion and NADA Show 2018

We’re so close! This upcoming weekend, we will be surrounded by auto industry professionals who are looking to gain knowledge and teach some of what they know to others. Client ConneXion will be camped out at booth 908N and we are looking forward to educate attendees how their dealerships can better connect with their […]

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Learn from Peers at NADA Show 2018

It’s so close, everyone! NADA Show 2018 is right around the corner and we’re beginning to pack our bags and business cards for a great weekend of connection.

This year, NADA is hosting The Exchange, a peer-to-peer learning opportunity that carries on throughout the convention. Each Exchange session is based on timely topics selected by […]

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NADA Show 2018: Scavenger Hunt!

We’re a little under two weeks out from NADA 2018, and we’re ready for a long weekend of gaining auto industry knowledge from the best of the best. We’re also looking forward to educating folks on ways they can better connect with their customers, optimize their loaner vehicle profits through DriveTRACPro, and improve their […]

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