Did you know that video is proven to be more engaging than any other digital content? Video is also now being used to increase SEO for websites to drive more traffic.

We’ve created a dealership solution that is designed just for car dealers to optimize video content for Search Engine Optimization purposes. Video SEO will specifically use your inventory video to dominate your local search market and put you in front of your competition. With today’s buyers doing almost all of their pre-purchase research online, it’s imperative that your dealership’s website is found.

With Video SEO, we’ll create three different types of videos: (1) automated inventory videos, (2) eMotion live video, (3) new model test drive videos. Through this valuable video content placed on your dealership’s website, your search engine placement will increase and your website will be more engaging to visitors.

Video SEO, your dealership will get more touch points on Google, social media and your website.

If you’re ready to start driving more traffic to your virtual lot and have more opportunities for sales, give us a call today! We’d love to show you what Video SEO and our other dealership solutions can do for you.