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Monthly Archives: October 2016

Ways to Maintain Superior Customer Service

Customer service at your dealership is a crucial department for your success and prosperity. However, this facet of your business rarely gets known by the public because of their “behind-the-scenes” position. Here are ways to essentially “show off” your dealership’s customer service department to past, current, and potential customers:

Publicize a customer service report […]

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Customer Retention: Critical Strategies For Keeping Customers For Life

Past customers are great customers and a lot easier to sell to compared to new customers. That is why it’s important to maintain customer retention so that your past customers remain customers for life. Here are some critical strategies that your dealership should adopt to make sure that you’re retaining as many customers as […]

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Digital Marketing Will Help You Sell More Cars

Digital marketing is a way of marketing your dealership through digital platforms such as email, social media, your website and more! Since today’s buyers are spending more time online when researching before visiting a dealership or purchasing a vehicle, it is important that your dealership puts forth an effort in digital marketing. Learn more […]

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Do your sales people have what it takes?

Being a sales person is one thing. Being a SUCCESSFUL sales person is another thing. How can your dealership make sure that you’re hiring good, efficient and successful car salesmen? Look for these traits!A good listener. Sales people need to be able to determine the important information that customers give you and the information […]

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The Low-Down on Social Media

We have highlighted the importance of maintaining a strong online brand, but we want to go a step further and give you some impactful numbers and statistics. Social media’s impact on the business world has been powerful and undeniable. Below are a few statistics to back up the claim:

Number of Users (Source: BrandWatch):

Facebook: […]

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Is Recognition the Way to Go?

Many people naturally strive for recognition, while others do not wish for the attention. No matter their preference, recognition of employees is an important facet of any company, but especially at your dealership.

Praising employees for good work is a great way to instill motivation and encouragement into the workplace. For example, providing an exceptional […]

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How to Target New Customers

When sending emails to both current and potential customers, it’s important to target properly. Through our Constant ConneXion feature, we conduct a highly-successful email marketing campaign that maximizes your dealership traffic and vehicle sales, ultimately increasing monthly revenues. While there are many benefits to our email marketing features, perhaps the most impressive is our […]

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Encouraging Your Salespeople to Be Memorable

With all that Client ConneXion has to offer – like Chat ConneXion, Response ConneXion, SEO ConneXion, Video SEO, and much more – we can say we know a thing or two about the salesperson/customer relationship. We have spent years and years identifying what works and what doesn’t work when it comes to selling in […]

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