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Monthly Archives: November 2016

Connect with Employees, Connect with Customers

We’ve come to discover that a huge way your dealership connects with customers is through your employees. That seems like an obvious statement, but employees who do not follow your company’s guidance for connecting with customers can send your dealership down the drain. Thus, connecting with customers begins with connecting with your employees. Here […]

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Tips for Better Prospect Emails (That Actually Work!)

Inboxes across the nation are filled each and every day with emails trying to sell products or services to the recipient. With this bombardment of messages flooding potential recipients’ inboxes, how can your dealership stand out? Here’s a few ways how:

Keep it short. Today, it’s hard to keep someone’s attention for more than […]

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Why Your Dealership Needs Mobile Chat

As the holiday season gears up into full swing, things can get pretty hectic. Whether you are running around at the last-minute finishing up gift shopping or trying to tie up loose ends at work before your holiday break, your time is precious and valuable. Folks looking to purchase a vehicle, however, are not […]

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Fuel Holiday Sales For Your Dealership

How is your dealership going to stand out this holiday season? Here are some steps that you can take to fuel holiday sales this year!Develop a plan and establish a campaign. As with any marketing strategy, it is important to first and foremost develop a plan. Come up with a campaign topic, focus and […]

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Are your sales people asking the right questions?

What makes a good sales person? Many different things help to make someone a great car sales person, but knowing the right questions to ask will set you apart from all the rest and help you turn more browsers into buyers. Here are some questions that your dealership’s sales team should be asking:

Find […]

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Attract More Traffic To Your Website & Your Car Lot

Social media is a great tool for your dealership to take advantage of if you’re looking to drive more traffic to your website and to your car lot.

It helps to know what types of posts and content you should be posting to attract a good, quality following. Here are some examples of posts that […]

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Video Ideas for Your Dealership

As we’ve mentioned previously, videos can greatly increase your search engine ranking and add a lot of creative content to your dealership’s website. However, many managers and business owners do not know exactly how to utilize this technological feature. Today, we want to help put some ideas into your head regarding videos and your […]

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Ways Your Dealership Can Retain Life-Long Customers

There are many things you can do as a manager or dealership owner to maintain customers, but we want to equip you with some things you can do to maintain these relationships for a very long time. Here are a few ways – without using a computer, social media, or the Internet – to […]

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