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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Interact & Engage With Online Visitors

So you’ve gotten online visitors to your website, what next? Are you interacting and engaging with your visitors? Are you loosing online leads? Client ConneXion has the answers and solutions to lead online visitors down a path that leads to a sale your dealership.

If your website is not interesting, visual, and not engaging, you have just […]

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Are you reaching mobile shoppers?

Did you know that 90% mobile searches lead to action? And they lead to action quickly! Is your dealership reaching mobile market? If you aren’t you are losing sales!

With more and more people utilizing the internet before purchasing a new car and the convenience of mobile searches, today’s mobile market is larger than ever!

At Chat ConneXion, […]

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Boost Online Engagement with Chat ConneXion

What is your dealership doing to engage online visitors? If you aren’t engaging online visitors as soon as they get to your website, you could be losing sales. It is important to treat online visitors just as you would treat a person who walks onto your car lot.

We have the tools it takes to engage […]

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Communication: Optimize Your Client Relationships

Customer loyalty and retention is crucial in the car industry, and communication is key. Once you have satisfied a customer, they can potentially be a customer for life. It is much easier and less expensive to maintain customer loyalty than to go out and search for new customers. Check out these facts about existing and […]

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Upgrade Your Sales Strategy With Client ConneXion

Is your online marketing strategy looking a little dull? Don’t miss the opportunity to upgrade your sales strategy and start increasing sales with Client ConneXion! Client ConneXion has 4 steps to take to start upgrading your sales strategy.

Chat ConneXion – Chat ConneXion is online live chat software that will allow you to engage online visitors in […]

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Discover the Key To Turning Online Visitors Into Customers

Is your dealership struggling with turning online visitors into customers? Many dealerships miss out on engaging online website visitors! If you aren’t engaging visitors, you could be loosing sales! We have the key to help you start engaging your potential buyers and start turning them into customers.

Chat ConneXion is our online chat software that works 24/7 and […]

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Turn Your Visitors Into Customers

Is your dealership falling short when it comes to turning online visitors into customers? It is time to start turning those visitors into customers and increasing sales with Chat ConneXion! Would you ignore a person that walks on to your physical car lot? No, so why are you ignoring them on your virtual car lot?

Using Chat […]

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Need help with used car sales?

Used car sales can be a large part of a dealership’s sales. We’ve got a few tips that can help your dealership optimize used car sales in your market!

1. Craigslist. Craigslist is an easy, effective, and inexpensive way to advertise your used car inventory. We understand how time consuming it can be to create Craigslist ads […]

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